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tardistraveller's Journal

Sarah Jane Smith
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Sarah Jane Smith, age 54, is a freelance reporter who goes where the story is. She has shoulder-length brown hair and inquisitive gaze behind hazel eyes. She is of the fair height of 5'4 and is hardly a woman to be messed with.

Your character's initial personal inventory:

1: Black leather jacket, still containing the trace scent of the Doctor, from one last hug and one final goodbye.
1: Cotton, v-neck, long-sleeved deep blue shirt.
1: Pair of comfortable, worn-in black jeans.
1: Belt, bought from a store near Aberdeen on her way back to Croydon.
1: Robot dog that answers to the name K-9 (even if he is Mark IV) and has been a loyal and trusty servant, ever since they were returned to Earth.
1: Pair of sensible Hush Puppies and black socks.
1: Simple pair of cotton pants and bra.
1: Wallet, containing several fake identifications, several notes, proper ID, and memories from worlds far, far away.
1: Small notepad and a lovely, rather expensive pen that she splurged on.
1: Tube of pearl-pink lipstick.
1: Watch with a brown-leather strap. It never tells the kind of time she wants to know.

Sarah Jane Smith leaves Doctor Who canon after the events of School Reunion.

[Disclaimer: I do not own Sarah Jane Smith, nor am I Elisabeth Sladen. This is merely a RP journal.]