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Dec. 6th, 2006

this kind of love: by ?

For the Doctor

She was wearing a dress for him.

It wasn't that big of an occasion, seeing as she'd always had a prediliction for skirts and dresses during their travels -- even when in peril, she liked dresses. Of course, having a gentleman like Harry about to keep the hem down was always good. But she wore a dress with a cardigan and was waiting in her room, powering K-9 off and setting him underneath the bed. There was no need for him to hear any of this.

She was nervous. Far more nervous than she wanted to be, really, considering it was the Doctor. She'd even applied lipstick for the man. It was true, though, what she'd said to him that day when he'd left. She'd never gotten over him; never found a man who could replace him.

And now, with the both of them there, she'd have to face facts, already.

Nov. 26th, 2006

uhhh no

For Captain Jack Harkness

She'd left K-9 in her room, trusting that Fred could keep track of him, just in case anything happened to her. She even penned a quick letter and set it on her bed, in the unlikely event that she didn't come back. Just in case, and all. She'd grasped her jacket and a few snacks, sticking them in her pockets before she went to wait outside for Jack.

She was by the front of the compound, a notebook in hand about migrationary patterns and collars and some 'invisible line', but honestly, she hadn't the slighest what it meant until she could see it for herself, which was why she was going in the first place.

Jack was just convenient, really. And the best part was she would finally have a proper companion with her that didn't call her 'old thing' as a default. She'd been twenty-four when that irritated her. It'd do no good now.

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