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Your character's name: Sarah Jane Smith
Your character's canon: Doctor Who
What type of canon is it (Book series, film, etc.):
Television series, radio show, magazine, movie, you
name it, it’s been done.
Your character's LJ: tardistraveller
Is your character living or dead at their time of
entry?: Living.
Does your character have any pre-existing disabilities
of a medical, physical, or psychiatric nature?: None.

Your character's personality:

Sarah Jane Smith, above all things, is the consummate
big sister that you wish you always had. Having no
siblings of her own, she has, over the years, assumed
the role to other young companions of the Doctor and
has offered them safe haven from the monotonous world
once they have been abandoned by the Doctor (seen in
spin-off publications and her offer to Rose Tyler).
Her ability to comfort and sympathize with the
situation isn’t something she was born with, but
something that she learned by force when abandoned and
given the task of readjusting to Earth after seeing
the whole universe. It puts her in a position to be a
comforting shoulder to those who find themselves in
the same situation – in the pattern of abandonment the
Doctor creates, whether consciously or not.

Sarah Jane does have a fear of abandonment, which was
founded by the manner in which she was dropped back
off on Earth and never returned for. She was never
sent a message that things were all right (as well as
the death of both her parents). It took over thirty
years for her to find any form of closure and due to
the way she was shown the universe, she had trouble
returning to both a normal way of life and to people
who only knew the world. She never did settle down
romantically, the Doctor's act too hard to follow
(according to Who episodic canon).

She is inquisitive and by nature tends to question
everything, not settling for the simple answers or the
fact that it’s ‘always been that way’. Sarah Jane
could be labeled an advocate for change as she did not
allow things to be done the way they always were (such
as reacting to the Doctor’s request that she make
coffee with anger, feeling that woman should not just
brew beverages). She greatly fought for women’s rights
in her time as a companion, battling wits and words
with both Harry Sullivan and the Doctor at times.

Her passion for reporting the truth, which began even
before her travels, was only furthered by her time
with the Doctor and when returned to Earth, she
resumed her research into the strange and the unknown
(some canon says that she worked for Reuters). She has
a very no-nonsense and pragmatic approach to things,
even the very strangest of creatures she is presented
with, whether Cybermen, Daleks, or the Loch Ness
Monster. She absorbs it all and is never ungrateful
for the eye-opening experiences that add to her base
of knowledge, which she applies in her life in
practical ways – whether searching out the unnatural
or merely enjoying every new experience for all it is

Why do you want to play this character?:

Key in wanting to play Sarah Jane Smith is the sheer
ability to find both closure and new adventures on the
island, things she has lacked for thirty-something
years on Earth. In most cases, people feel trapped by
the island, but Sarah Jane has been trapped (from her
perspective) on Earth for thirty-years and the
prospect of new adventures is appealing to her. She
wouldn’t take the mystery of the island for granted.

With her journalism background, she would be very much
interested in pursuing a ‘career’, such as it can be,
with the Tabula Rasa Times, penning articles for their
editions. Her curiosity would drive her to lead her
articles with an investigative frame of mind (as
opposed to Ainsley’s more reactive opinion-editorial

She would also have interesting dynamics with each Who
character; notably the Doctor, Romana, and Jack. She
shared Four with Romana and they would be able to bond
over similar experiences. When it comes to Jack, he
has a unique personality to him that Sarah Jane would
be very interested in how that worked in combination
with the Doctor. As for the Doctor himself, he and
Sarah Jane have years of a relationship built up and
she would be able to further dissect it with the time
given to her on the island. One key issue they she can
deal with along with the Doctor is the fact that he is
finally going to age along with his companions and
won’t have to watch them die without knowing he too,
will get to that point.

Where Sarah Jane differs from any of my other pups is
in her age and maturity. She is a woman in her 50’s
and is far past the ‘sexpot’ stage that many pups in
their teens/twenties/thirties (and in some cases,
forties) seem to be stuck in. She’s past her prime,
but has not ruled out love. She simply hasn’t met
anyone who appeals to her as the Doctor left her with
incredibly high expectations. Her maturity will lend
an air to her that will help her to become a fixture
of the island, much in the way that Vianne and Eostre
are. She will be able to give calm, measured advice to
even the most trouble of persons.

Tell us about your character's background:

Past, present, and future are all mixed together when
it comes to Sarah Jane’s life. For several years, she
spent her life in just about every time there was.

She did not persuade the Doctor to take her, but
rather, was a stowaway in the TARDIS when he went back
to the Middle Ages. She was posing as her Aunt Lavinia
Smith on a mission to investigate why key scientists
were disappearing when her life changed completely.
She worked to solve the mystery independently, even
going so far as to thinking that the Doctor might be
the cause of the problems. This already strikes her as
unique from the ‘damsel in distress’ role that so many
companions have played.

She was present for Three’s regeneration into Four and
when it occurred, she displayed how much the Doctor
meant to her by allowing her vulnerability and grief
to show. Even though she had an audience, it didn’t
matter because it was her Doctor, and to her,
he was gone. After an adjustment period, she continued
on with her adventures, accepting Four and continuing
to seek new worlds and experiences.

In her travels, she experienced a multitude of odd
things, including the Loch Ness monster, antimatter
creatures, dinosaurs, Daleks, Cybermen, working with
UNIT, android mummies, and a variety of other evils
and incredible sights.

When the Doctor received a summons home to Gallifrey,
Sarah Jane’s travels came to an end, as the Doctor was
not permitted to bring humans with him. He left her in
what he thought was South Croydon (but as so often
happened, he missed and left her in Aberdeen) with a
gift: K-9 Mark III.

When the Doctor never returned for her, she feared he
was dead (however, with the paradoxical problems
inherently present in time travel, he might have been
dead, but still able to appear in her present). She
didn’t know until he returned in “School Reunion” that
he was still alive, and in his Tenth form. Once again,
she was investigating a story independently (which she
had done for the thirty years) and met up with the
Doctor in that manner.

Once the Kryllitane’s (the bad guys du jour) were
disposed of by K-9, Sarah Jane was left to say goodbye
to the Doctor (after declining his invitation to
continue traveling, as she wanted to seek new things
out on Earth). She finally found closure in being able
to say goodbye and found that the Doctor had not left
her empty-handed, but had instead, given her K-9 Mark
IV to keep her company through the remaining years of
her present and future.

Sarah Jane enters the game after the events of School

Your character's initial personal inventory:

1: Black leather jacket, still containing the trace
scent of the Doctor, from one last hug and one final
1: Cotton, v-neck, long-sleeved deep blue shirt.
1: Pair of comfortable, worn-in black jeans.
1: Belt, bought from a store near Aberdeen on her way
back to Croydon.
1: Robot dog that answers to the name K-9 (even if he
is Mark IV) and has been a loyal and trusty servant,
ever since they were returned to Earth.
1: Pair of sensible Hush Puppies and black socks.
1: Simple pair of cotton pants and bra.
1: Wallet, containing several fake identifications,
several notes, proper ID, and memories from worlds
far, far away.
1: Small notepad and a lovely, rather expensive pen
that she splurged on.
1: Tube of pearl-pink lipstick.
1: Watch with a brown-leather strap. It never tells
the kind of time she wants to know.

Your character's entrance post:

“Well, K-9,” Sarah Jane Smith remarked, the lingering
remnants of emotion trapped within her voice and not
for the first time, she wondered just how much of it
that K-9 could register. “What is it we should do

It was a rather lovely Saturday afternoon and she
hadn’t waited a moment when the familiar and dear
sounds of the TARDIS departing had left the park for
good. It had left quite an ache in her, however, and
she was not yet sure how to process the knowing that
there was no more waiting to be done, no more scanning
newspapers for mentions of strange men changing the
course of history.

Now. Now, with the closure the Doctor had afforded
her, she had the whole world at her feet,
waiting to be explored. She may not have the rest of
the universe to discover, but there was still so much
yet to see, yet to experience and Sarah Jane knew it
was long past time to stop sitting around waiting for
a man to return to her. Perhaps she would start with
finding if Harry was still about, or whether she


Sarah Jane glanced down when the voice interrupted her
thoughts to find K-9 looking up at her, as though
expectant. Only then did she realise that her eyes
were clouded with what were so very obviously tears
and she took a long breath, laughing at her silliness,
as though she were a girl. “K-9, I seem to be crying,”
she remarked, quite surprised by this very fact.

Though, could she hardly be blamed? It was true that
she had waited thirty long years for what she
had just received, and yet…and yet, it seemed so very
anticlimactic to understand that the Doctor was no
longer a part of her life, the man she had so long
called her best friend through thick and thin of so
many adventures, whether it had been dinosaurs,
Daleks, or simply all manner of evil creatures.

“I recommend light tissue of the Earth variety to
arrest the flow of the tear ducts,” K-9 remarked,
shifting slightly back and forth on the pavement. She
knew she couldn’t take the Tube home with him, but it
was a lovely day for a walk and really, when it came
to time, she had ages of it to spare.

She laughed, softly, and knew that even if the Doctor
was gone, she would always have her memories of her
time spent traveling alongside with him. And like she
had said, she wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

“K-9, what do you say to a walk?” she suggested,
forcing a bit of cheer into her voice. She knew there
was no sense in dwelling, yet it was so very hard to
just let go. “Around the park, one more time.” And
even if deep down inside, some part of her wondered if
the Doctor was truly gone, she would ignore it. She
simply needed the proper amount of time to settle. She
would be fine, given time.

She closed her eyes to collect herself properly,
knowing that when she opened them, K-9 would still be
there and she would go home and begin anew. It would
become easier, of that she was sure. She crouched
down beside him, resting a hand atop his metal, simply
to ground her.

“Mistress,” K-9 alerted her, sounding distressed.

Sarah Jane opened her eyes, having long ago learned to
listen to her dog when he gave warning. And he was
quite right to alert her because somehow, the foliage
was not quite what she remembered. She rose to her
feet quickly, turning and searching her surroundings.

It would not be the first time something peculiar had
happened to her while the Doctor had been about, but
it was certainly the first time she had found herself
in a wholly different landscape (one that seemed
almost tropical) without the aid of the TARDIS. "K-9,"
she said warily, taking a step forward, yet making
sure to keep him in her line of sight - no reason to
go getting separated. "Where are we?"

She hurried back over and knelt down to feed him a bit
of the dirt from the path beneath them, so he would
better be able to process the information. It took
some time, but when K-9 did speak, it struck fear into
Sarah Jane. "Coordinates unknown," he remarked, in the
soothing and familiar voice she had come to love.
"Location unknown."

Perhaps, just perhaps, her adventures were not over
just yet.
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